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Joseph Chang is the mastermind and driving force behind the award winning interior design firm, JC Vision. For over 15 years, he has been at the forefront of creating breathtaking and functional homes with a flair of sophistication sought after by a following of elite clientele.

JC Vision is a full service/turnkey firm specializing high-end homes that provides complete interior and exterior design, façade, and through construction and completion.

Our firm has gained consistent acclaim for our innovative space planning, breathtaking and functional designs, efficient responses and exceptional services.

In all different palettes, colonial, contemporary, eclectic, Georgian, Art Deco, Scandi or minimalist, with a keen eye of color and inherent sense of style, Joseph approaches projects that are both visually appealing and practical to cohere your needs.

We work with extremely busy people, materials were finalized upfront to avoid confusion later, the projects were often executed during customers’ absence or traveling abroad, with our frequent emails, the customers were updated the positions of their projects by our writings or photos of the site conditions.

Not exceptional case, we completed projects in advanced from the timeline anticipated by customers, if not, we completed on the dot.



Our design philosophy begins with careful listening and sensitivity to the conceptual cornerstones of your project. Focused refinement of layout, detail, color, materials and lighting that blending your lifestyle, needs and values.

We go beyond creativity and skill, personal connection that comes from collaboration with the project team is where the fun happens. Joseph enjoys getting to know you, your family, your stuff and personal aspirations.


FULL SPACE projects are what we do best. With our personalized Turnkey Service, we manage the entire project from scratch to furnished space. From space planning and layout, lighting, furnishings, floors, finishes to ADA needs.

We combine all elements in a functional, visually pleasing, and emotionally stimulating way to achieve the space you want.

With our TURNKEY SERVICE, you can expect us to handle all aspects beginning from initial concept, construction, to implementation.

Your place will be managed with a personal touch to oversee every aspect.


Come and tell us your thoughts, aesthetic & practical needs, lifestyle, time frame, budget, we will provide COMPLIMENTARY LAYOUTS to realize and go beyond your wild dream.

FREE SPACE PLANNING by us can be done based on the builder or realtor’s layouts, if your place is accessible, we will manage actual FREE SITE MEASUREMENT for accurate understanding of site condition.

When STRUCTURAL ALTERATION involves in your project, we will work closely with the AP (Authorized Person) and/or RSE (Registered Structure Engineer) for calculation of loading and application to authority.

We will prepare possibilities of layouts for your consideration, and to develop via our interactions, when you are happy with overall space arrangement, we will work on the numbers based on this layout.

Up to this stage, services by JC Vision are ALL FREE, we don’t request prepayment because we are confident to our expertise and elaborate works.

After the construction cost agreed by you, with your commission, if the site is accessible, SITE ACTIVITIES will be managed in a day or two beginning from protection and the demolition works, when demolition completed, we will prepare MARKINGS for your perception AT SITE/AT SIGHT before the series of construction.

Simultaneously to our commencement of site activities, we will produce the many DRAWINGS say the Elevation, Section, Ceiling & Electrical plans to show you the different details for instance the compartments of a closet, distributions of the electrical outlets so on.

Here comes the INTERESTING PART, when we meet for the many Drawings, FINISHING MATERIALS will be presented to you at the same time such as colors and coatings of cabinetries, emulsioning, backsplashes, wall finishes, floor-covering, baseboards.....for your consideration.

We work with extremely BUSY PEOPLE, materials were finalized upfront to avoid confusion later, the projects were often executed during their absence or traveling abroad, with our frequent emails, customers were updated by our writings or photos of the REAL TIME site conditions.

Not exceptional case, we often COMPLETED projects IN ADVANCED from the timeline anticipated by customers, if not, they completed on the dot.


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